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June Sketchfest Results!

This is the first time I did Sketchfest over at Ellens EMG! Its a 24 hour, one day a month, sketchfest of awesomeness! I did 7 total sketches! How it works is that anyone can post a list of 'prompts' or ideas or other inspiriting things and you sketch from those ideas. My First Prompt was Moon Queen and Sun Queen - actually was tagged 'elven' and I struggled with trying to draw an elf forawhile til I just decided to follow my initial idea and drew these two twin sisters: MoonQueenandSunQueen  Second Prompt was Magic Owls - and I had jotted down Moondance and Starlit as well and.... well they all blended into this: MagicMoonDance Third was Green Dragon of the Forest. Ive drawn this .... character... before. Hes someone that occasionally floats through my dreams. GreenForestDragon Fourth was Fox Fire - Im interested in expanding this one. Maybe. FoxFire Fifth was Vampire Horse - but I made it a Nightmare. Nightmare Sixth was my own Prompt - Kookaburra, laugh. I <3 Kookaburras! Kookaburra Seventh was Sun raven and Moon Owl - meant to be a single prompt, really! OwlRaven I sketch quite messily, but I can clean up any sketch - or paint them. Sketches are $20 each, and itd be $50+ or so to paint them depending on which you are interested in - or you can just donate if you wish!

Paypal button test

The twin sisters, Queen of the Moon and Queen of the Sun in their Elven Forest. <3 They have wreathes and crowns of day and night flowers, and butterflies and moths. Comment if interested in a watercolor colored version!

This year I turn 30 years old, on Jan 30th! That means its my Golden - or Lucky, or Star - birthday! I have a few amazing goals this year in mind, let me quickly go over them.

I want to build a For Fun! Art Fund. Im very bad about channeling all art sales into buying more product supplies, so I never have extra for - oh I wanna try that items.

After Akon, I want to...

Go to the zoo! I have a dream trip planned, a week in Saaan Diieeego for the best zoo in the world! I want to draw the animals and splash back at Sea world. However, thats alot of art sales.

But first, much more importantly...

My Birthday!

Im huge on Birthdays. I love them. I love mine, I love yours, lets put on the party crown and go! This one Im especially excited about so I've decided to do a huge bash to start off the year!

So what better to offer Grab Bags, mailed out the day before my birthday, full of Great Starry Arts!

They will be filled with complete surprises, and one bag will be worth over $50!

Grab Bags are $10 each, Paypal only! Note me! Totally feel free to say, Gee Starry Id really love (these kinds of items) in my (favorite designs)

Inside will be a mix of Buttons, Badges, Mirrors, Stickers, Prints, Necklaces, Magnets, Keychains, Cell phone charms, all kinds of things! At least $15 worth in each bag, plus the Golden Lucky Star bag worth over 50!

Art Gifts
What to Draw:

Starrydance, My world of Warcraft Druid - http://dreamflyght.com/characters/Starrydance.htm http://s185.photobucket.com/albums/x209/Starrydance/World%20of%20Warcraft/

Details - She loves those Deer Antlers! New robe: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=48216#.

Starry Unicorn -

A very purple based unicorn - http://fav.me/d1fm88m

Either a horse based unicorn, or a more Deer based unicorn : http://fav.me/d21incr

The White Stag -

Turquoise Green eyes, king of the forest. Any other details are up to you!

http://fav.me/d1viest http://starrydance.deviantart.com/art/The-White-Stag-56928990

My Gift to YOU for gifting me art :

Starrydance Gift Certificate or Prize Pack! Good for Custom Buttons and other items as well, and commissions! Commissions might be a bit slow with my upcoming conventions slam.

- Sketches - $10
- Digital Color Artwork - $20
- Traditional Color Artwork - $20
- Other - Ill decide!

One Art Gifter will get $30 extra credit for my very favorite peice!

Due Date: January 30th! Since this is a quicker art contest, quick fun art is the name of the game! Dont stress, just draw something or make me an unicorn cupcake! Have some fun, do some sketches, welcome the New Year.

Wish to Donate to the Starry Fund? Send me a Message and Ill give you my paypal!

Random other thoughts of gifting?

- Amazon Wish List : http://amzn.com/w/3SXK3VOBS5RL5
- Etsy Favorites : http://www.etsy.com/favorite_listings_public.php?user_id=5064537
- My Gaia Online Birthday Quest! : http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/starrys-quest-for-shinies-quest-for-the-staaaaaaaars-3/t.35853261_7846/?sequence=7846

New Year, and Lucky Star Birthday!

Had a wonderful holiday - and such a great New Year so far. *smiles*

Staying with my mom for a few weeks as we do a Biggest Loser based Bootcamp (without all the crazy workouts) to start the year off healthy. Having fun with it, and while Im here shes also helping me blast through making art product so Im ready for the year too!

But in the most important of news, the 30th of this month is my 30th Birthday! A year where the day of your birthday is the age you turn is known as you Golden, or Lucky, or Star birthday! Weee!

I'm thinking of doing some kind of art contest, I dont know if anyone would have time or interest or what Id give away, any ideas or interest? Let me know!

Merry Merry December!

I hope everyone will have a merry December! Im still feeling stupid crazy low down, not even christmas lights and reindeers are cheering me up. I dont even have a christmas wishlist! Blarg.

I see wishlists popping up all over but Im so lost in the meh right now I dont know. I usually just ask for Christmas Cards but havent joined any of those swaps this year either!

Im hopin in a few days Ill perk back up, this really is my favorite time of the year. There was even snow on the ground this morning.

However, if you do have a wish to make me something remember the Starry favorites: Purple, Unicorns, Reindeers, sparkly! <3

Im still hoping to do a very short run of Christmas sales, so if you want any gift packs or anything let me know I still have everything in stock just cant seem to make it to the listing phase.

Rest of the year is fairly busy for me, holidays then my mom is having me stay with her for two weeks and were doing a Healthy Boot camp together with cooking and exercise! Then I have two conventions in quick succession, and A-kon is already looming. I do have some great art ideas bubbling in my brain, I hope you all like them when I get my Starry-sparkle back!

Sooo. Aaart.

So. Art. That silly thing.

While I worked last week on a commission, with the some help and support during the process, I realized how much doing and creating art affects me emotionally.

Its strange how creating art, at least for me, opens me up - stops me from hiding. I do that a lot, you know. So, I open up and float up and channel ... whatever it is... and create art. Thats great!

But then .. the crash begins. I get low, blue, down after stopping the 'high' of creation.

I suppose I never really noticed it before since I tend to do most art before a convention and the crash is lost in the mayhem - or happens afterward which seems normal after all that work.

So.... that leaves me in a strange circle of want to do art but ..... nervous/scared/afraid/worried. I hate the crashing down. Depression can be fairly serious for me and I can easily slide into it. I dont know how to be creative long term enough to stay up.

Of course, to do enough art to 'stay up' my god all that print work and file work and supplies eaten. I cant find the balance. Ive never understood how people do so much artwork and manage all that 'selling' end. Im so far behind on all that.

All that piles up into being overwhelmed and I just let art slide for one more day.

And, of course, I still believe my art isnt anything special or wonderful. If its just for fun scribbles - its still so hard to really let loose and put my whole heart down there on the paper. Its one thing to do a for fun scribble and no one cares, no one likes it, it doesnt sell. I suppose that you are not supposed to do art for others, or for sales - although of course if you want to sell you have to do a degree.

What a tangled mess. I still want to hide. Im so .. omg .. afraid to trust more art out there. To trust the up and downs and that anyone would ever stick by my side while I go down that rollercoaster. I want to stand on my own two feet, but oh, hold my hand too.

Its so easy to look around at what everyone else is doing. Whats selling, popular, working for them? Oh, you dont draw people so obviously this isnt real artwork! This isnt fantasy! Soooo easy to listen to that nagging-you-suck voice.

I do so love the high that comes when I create. Watching those watercolors hit the paper so vivid and bright and ... I feel so vivid and bright. I just dont know how to get there, and I dont know what to do afterwards. Its -so- not safe!

And all the work involved in making product overwhelms completely. I juuuust dooont know.

Aaaaand Im back.

A-kon went smoothly and well, even tho Im still pretty tired.

Got 10 new artworks done, and all that product!

Im surrounded by piles of stuff right nao - too tired to put it all away.

Want to see my new art? They are all listed on my DA page : http://starrydance.deviantart.com/ but I will try to list them here later.

More talking later once Im untired. If you want a longer convention report its also on my DA! <3

Starting the Offical Akon Art Train!

Have 5 of the 10 Sketches started on the Backgrounds. =3

They are looking pretty great, Im pleased with them so far. I wont take pictures or anything (I doubt it) just because of the pointless color shifts of my camera.

Other than that, for Akon, Im pretty much on track. I have a busy out of the house weekend this weekend. Im prolly gonna bring my artwork with me and try to paint there, I dont really have time to do anything else. I should prolly have told my D&D group I couldnt make it this weekend but oh well. Ill just be REALLY out of it that day. I wish I could bring them with me and get anything done. I doubt I could tho ....

Cosplay is on hold till Memorial Day - after all the artwork and product is more or less done. Have the display more or less ready. Going good.

Feeling REALLY lonely all of the sudden for no good reason. I think depression always makes a last second attack on me during painting. No idea why.

*Mopes while paint dries*
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